The organization who manages this page and who is leading the efforts pertaining to protecting the Ohio River Valley from a petrochemical build-out is called Concerned Ohio River Residents. Click HERE to view our Facebook page. We are a group of grassroots organizations (some national, some more local) as well as Ohio Valley citizens concerned about the extremely detrimental toll that the PTT Global ethane cracker plant will take on our health, air, water and future if it is built, and we are organizing an effort to stop it from coming to the beautiful Ohio Valley. This website is dedicated to informing the public about the proposed project and the plethora of negative effects that it will bring if built, as well as being a resource that provides anyone the tools and connections needed to get involved.

A petrochemical and refining company named PTT Global Chemical has proposed to build an ethane chemical "cracker" plant in Dilles Bottom, OH- about 5 miles south of Shadyside, OH and directly West across the Ohio River from Moundsville, WV. This is a Thailand-based company. Cracker plants essentially take ethane produced from fracked gas and turn it into plastic pellets that will then be shipped to other companies that will use them to create plastic products. Other products are created at these types of facilities as well, however the majority of the process will be for plastic creation at this plant if it is built. Please see the 'What is a Cracker Plant?' tab to learn more about the physical process. The Plant IS NOT a done deal yet. Local opposition is important at this time. Please see the "Get Involved" tab to explore other ways your voice can be heard. The Ohio Valley deserves better than this toxic industry. We deserve something sustainable and something that won't pollute our air and water more than it already is and something that won't turn into a bust after a few decades. We are standing in solidarity together and advocating for a better future for our region and our planet.

Send an email to info@pttgcamerica.com and express your personal concerns pertaining to the cracker plant directly to the company or click here to be directed to the company contact page.



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Below is a list of accidents and disasters that have impacted communities living near oil/gas/petrochemical operations

These stories are shared simply to share the fact that accidents do happen in this industry.


Second round of explosions rattles Texas chemical plant

Nov. 27th, 2019

Multiple explosions at a chemical plant rocked a rural Texas county early Wednesday morning, injuring at least three workers, blowing out windows and rattling houses for miles, officials said.

Texas has seen multiple petrochemical industry blazes this year, including a March fire that burned for days near Houston and another that killed a worker at a plant in nearby Crosby.


2018 Belmont County, OH Frack Pad Explosion Leaked More Methane Than Originally Thought

Dec. 16, 2019

The first satellite designed to continuously monitor the planet for methane leaks made a startling discovery last year: A little known gas-well accident at an Ohio fracking site was in fact one of the largest methane leaks ever recorded in the United States.

Screenshot (115).png

Energy Transfer Pipeline Explodes in Pennsylvania

Sept 11, 2018

A pipeline exploded in Beaver County, Pennsylvania at approximately 5 a.m. Monday morning, causing a large fire and prompting the evacuation of dozens of homes in the area.

The 24-inch natural gas line, owned by Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners and its subsidiary Sunoco, was buried three feet deep and activated only a week ago on Sept. 3.

No injuries were reported, but one home, two garages and several vehicles were destroyed by fires, according to the Associated Press. Interstate 376 was closed and the Central Valley school district also canceled classes.

"I saw the ball of flames above the trees and it was easily 150 to 200 feet up in the air. It was serious," resident Chuck Belczyk told KDKA.

By: Gage Goulding

Tanker truck overturns, spills contents in Carroll County, OH

Sunday, November 10th 2019

CARROLL COUNTY, OH — An accident on State Route 43 in Amsterdam happened right after 2:15 on Sunday afternoon and resulted in a tanker truck overturning.

Emergency officials on scene say the tractor trailer that is operated by Pilot was traveling southbound on the two lane highway when it left the road before overturning.

The truck was carrying more than 8,000 gallons of what officials are calling wet gas, a byproduct of the oil and gas industry.

Hazmat officials at the scene say approximately 2,000 gallons of that flammable gas leaked due to a tear in the side of the tank.

The spill prompted a response from more than 30 first responders from both Jefferson County and Carroll County, as well as neighbors who ran to save the life of the truck driver.

CBS News

Deadly Kentucky gas pipeline explosion, fire felt "like an atomic bomb went off"

August 1, 2019

Junction City, Ky. — A regional gas pipeline ruptured early Thursday in Kentucky, causing a massive explosion that killed one person, hospitalized five others, destroyed railroad tracks and forced the evacuation of dozens of people from a nearby mobile home park, authorities said.

Several structures caught fire in the area of the Indian Camp Trailer Park and were put out, CBS Lexington affiliate WKYT-TV reported

"We opened the backdoor and it was like a tornado of fire going around and around and he said we were trapped," said Jodie Coulter, who lived less than 200 yards from the blast. Coulter suffered third-degree burns on both her arms as she ran from her burning home.

By Rick Stillion / The Daily Jeffersonian

Natural gas pipeline blast causes extensive damage in Noble County

Jan 22, 2019

SUMMERFIELD, OHIO — Authorities say a gas line that exploded Monday injured one person and set fire to nearby homes and the surrounding terrain in rural Noble County.

The pipeline is owned by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian multinational energy transportation company that, along with Detroit-based DTE Energy, is a backer of the Nexus Pipeline that crosses Northeast Ohio.

“It was a 30-inch line that has been in that location for several years,” said the Noble County Emergency Management Agency in a news release. The injured resident was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor burns.”

Several fire departments responded to the Monday morning blast and spent several hours fighting secondary fires including three homes, authorities said.

No firefighters were injured battling the fires.

The Noble County EMA and Office of Homeland Security contacted the families affected families to ensure they had housing arrangements for the night Monday.